Why skipping out on air conditioning maintenance is not a good idea

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commercial air conditioning maintenance

People are beginning to return to offices and workplaces across the country as we start to wake from our COVID-19 nap and restrictions continue to ease. So now is as important time as any to ensure our air conditioning system is up to par.

Lockdown is cooling down but our air conditioners are about to heat up!

Offices have been sitting vacant with employees working remotely from home during the coronavirus shutdown. That is slowly changing and more and more people are returning to their workplaces – but is the air conditioning system ready to emerge from its hibernation?

Safe Work Australia has warned restarting a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system after it has been temporarily shut down could pose risks to the health and safety of workers if they haven’t been properly maintained or inspected first. That’s because long periods of inactivity could lead to a build-up of surface corrosion and mould. Left untreated, this could create health risks associated with poor air quality.

What’s the solution?

An air conditioning maintenance regime has never been more important than now. You wouldn’t drive a car that hasn’t been started in a while: your safety would certainly be compromised if you decided to get it up and running without a proper check and service.

An air conditioning system is no different. Regular maintenance ensures the unit will function effectively and efficiently. Left neglected, its performance will steadily decline, much like that unserviced car.

Put simply, a regular maintenance schedule prevents small problems growing larger (and potentially expensive).

Ausmech Air specialises in commercial air conditioning maintenance for the aged care, education and health care sectors where indoor air quality is key and a clean and controlled environment is important to prevent the spread of disease or infection.

Our scheduled air conditioning maintenance programs involve a thorough inspection of the system, testing, cleaning, deodorising coils, unblocking drains and checking for damaged parts – all of which ensures the system runs as it should and safeguards against avoidable malfunctions. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Three signs your air conditioner needs servicing

  1. If you’ve felt the room just isn’t cooling or heating, chances are you’re experiencing poor air flow – a certain sign that the filters are clogged, the coil is blocked or the compressor is about to fail. Either way, the cost can be expensive – but avoidable with regular maintenance.
  2. Noticed a bad smell emanating from your air conditioner when you turn it on? That odour could be caused by mould or mildew that can accumulate over time as a result of a lack of regular cleaning. Left untreated, the bacteria and fungi will circulate through the air you breathe.
  3. The best way to avoid bill shock is ensure your system is running efficiently. Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy guzzling appliances but regular servicing and maintenance can help avoid a spike in your bill. Did you know the energy efficiency of a poorly maintained system can drop by 30 per cent? That’s the equivalent of a 30 per cent increase in the bill!

Maintenance not only makes sense, it’s a duty

There’s a very good reason why commercial buildings like hospitals and aged care facilities carry stringent industry standards for HVAC systems and mandatory maintenance programs. Poor air quality can have disastrous impacts for its vulnerable occupants.

Regular maintenance is also a legal requirement. Manufacturer warranties only remain valid if the system is regularly serviced. Not adequately maintaining or neglecting maintenance is a sure-fire way to void warranty.

Similarly, health and aged care facilities are required by law to adequately maintain their building assets to ensure their systems are operating efficiently and to maintain accreditation – and this includes developing scheduled maintenance programs for air conditioning systems to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Don’t put it off any longer

The weather is cooling down and we’ll soon be turning on our heating systems. Book a commercial air conditioning service and have your system checked over to ensure it is working effectively.

If the cost is putting you off, bear in mind that not maintaining the system regularly will cost you a lot more money in the long run.

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