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Choosing the right HVAC contractor can mean the difference between a smoothly operating air conditioning system and complete disaster

Are you a fan of those TV current affair programs whose intrepid reporters chase down unscrupulous tradies to confront them about their dodgy work? It seems funny on the surface but no one wants to be an unwitting victim of an unlicensed, unskilled and incompetent workman. As they say:...

Commercial Air conditioning maintenance in Sydney

Going green: taking air conditioners from energy guzzlers to affordable, one experiment at a time

It’s the one appliance we turn to for cooling relief on scorching summer days and for cosy comfort in the cold of winter even though that respite comes at a big cost. The debate on how to make energy hungry air conditioners more efficient is incessant, but a new...

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Fighting coronavirus: how sanitising your air conditioning system can offer you protection

The global coronavirus pandemic has us in a cleaning frenzy, attacking every surface to remove any trace of dirt or grime. But what about the germs we can’t see? Like the potential viruses lurking in the air conditioning duct work of the very systems designed to deliver us comfort. We...

Supporting Karitane

We are continuing our support for Karitane this year by supporting their annual charity golf day. Karitane do amazing work with mothers and their little ones.  Ausmech Air have been a proud supporter for over 5 years.

Commercial Air conditioning installation
Commercial Air conditioning installation

Hospital Air Mechanical Services at Westmead

Ausmech are proud to announce that we recently designed and constructed the installation of Hospital Air Mechanical Services in a new purpose built procedure room, control room and equipment room at Westmead hospital. Project: Cardiac L5 Procedure Room Location: Westmead Hospital Inclusions are: - Terminal HEPA filters - Variable speed motors and booster fans -...

Client Testimonial – Fairfield Hospital

A recent testimonial from our Client regarding the AC31 Theatre 4 repairs at Fairfield Hospital. Fantastic news & congratulations to the guys that were on the job! "I appreciate the way you do business and your technician’s services were perfect, well-mannered and professional. You have managed the situation well in pressure conditions...

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