Yearly Archives - 2020

commercial air conditioning maintenance

Why skipping out on air conditioning maintenance is not a good idea

People are beginning to return to offices and workplaces across the country as we start to wake from our COVID-19 nap and restrictions continue to ease. So now is as important time as any to ensure our air conditioning system is up to par. (more…)

Commercial Air conditioning maintenance in Sydney

Going green: taking air conditioners from energy guzzlers to affordable, one experiment at a time

It’s the one appliance we turn to for cooling relief on scorching summer days and for cosy comfort in the cold of winter even though that respite comes at a big cost. The debate on how to make energy hungry air conditioners more efficient is incessant, but a new...

Commercial Air conditioning services Sydney

Fighting coronavirus: how sanitising your air conditioning system can offer you protection

The global coronavirus pandemic has us in a cleaning frenzy, attacking every surface to remove any trace of dirt or grime. But what about the germs we can’t see? Like the potential viruses lurking in the air conditioning duct work of the very systems designed to deliver us comfort.We...

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